Treatment List

Facial Treatments

Free Consultation & Skin analysis

All facial and body massage treatments begin with a consultation so that I can understand your skin personality, health and beauty aspirations.

I offer natural non-invasive Facial and Massage techniques, using the highest quality organic oils and products, to achieve amazing results for my clients skin, physical and mental health, improve their well being.

Facials are like M.O.Ts for the Skin with wellness benefits for mind and body.

The W.O.Y Facial

Improve your skins appearance and health with The W.O.Y – my signature facial MOT for your skin.

Deeply cleansing and nourishing bespoke to your skin personality.

Includes: Cleanse, Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Steam, Extractions, Massage, Mask, Serums, Moisturiser and Rose Quartz Eye Treatment.

45 mins £30.00 Express Massage

60 mins £45.00 Luxury Massage

SAVE Time & money. Book a block of 5 Express facials for the price of 4 at £100.00.

The W.O.Y Wonderlift

The natural facelift for those 30 years +.

Naturally turn back the age of anatomical time. Look and feel up to 10 years younger with this multicultural facial massage technique that balances your chi, promotes health and healing of the whole body through acupressure points that balance the meridians whilst channelling your energy and spirituality through your Chakras.

The perfect full body treatment through the face.

£55.00 70 mins

Includes: The W.O.Y Facial plus Wonderlift massage with Frankincense Hydrate/Lift mask and eye serum.

You will notice results from the very first treatment. I recommend a course of treatment of 5 sessions to achieve optimum results.

The Zeus Facial for Men

A Luxury Facial Massage specifically designed for men, using the highest quality natural products that deeply cleanse, and rejuvenate your skin, whilst protecting you from free-radicals and pollution.

Enjoy 55 minutes of relaxation with a Face, Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage that promotes drainage of toxins and stress from the body.

£55.00 60 mins

The W.O.Y Luxe

Relax…Lift, Tone and Glow. This facial and body treatment is the ultimate in producing a natural glow inside and out. This massage based facial increases nutrients to the skin and blood flow to the upper body, lymph drainage, detoxification and relaxation of the upper body.

Includes: The W.O.Y plus back, arm neck and shoulder, massage; Rose Quartz Eye treatment and facial cupping. Just relax and let me take you to a place of serenity.

£75.00 90mins

Luxury • Ethical • Organic

Body Skin Treatments

The Bacial

A luxury back massage and skin treatment.

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, mask and botanical skincare balms, specifically designed to deeply cleanse the skin, relax and release tension. The Bacial will improve skin tone, texture and balance oil and hydration on the back. The perfect treatment, if you suffer from back blemishes and breakouts or uneven pigmentation and dry skin.
Extractions also included, if needed

You can book a 1 off treatment, for a special occasion or holiday body prep.

Both men and women are welcome to enjoy the benefits of this back facial to combat acne or anyone who would like to improve their back skin, suffering from dryness or uneven pigmentation on your back or tension in the back muscles.

£45.00 50 mins

SAVE with a block booking discount, recommended to improve breakouts, scar tissue, stretch marks, pigmentation and overall skin condition.

Body Massage

Massage is not a luxury, it’s the way to a healthier and happier life.”

I specialise in offering Body Massage for skin improvement, destress and relaxation.

The Benefits :

Decreases Stress, depression and anxiety

Aids sleep by increasing serotonin levels, decreases insomnia

Increases brain function and capacity

Reduces cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles

Stimulates collagen and reduces water retention

Encourages cell renewal

Stimulates blood flow to increase health of skin and muscle by oxygenation of tissue.

Removes dead skin cells and speeds up skin turnover

Increases product absorption and effectiveness

Balances Oil production/ Hydration

Helps detox and drain lymphatic system

Improves headaches, decrease chances of Migraine

Stimulates a natural glow

Improves overall health by improving the nervous system, speeding up the metabolism, balancing energy and calming the mind.

Find my massage treatments list below:

Express Full Body 45 mins £40.00 Includes: Legs, Arms, Back, Shoulders, Neck

Luxury Full Body 60 mins £50.00 Includes: Legs, Arms, Back, Shoulders, Neck, hands and Feet includes a complimentary foot scrub.

Back Massage 30 mins £30.00

Include: Back, neck, shoulder

Massage Add on:

Express Facial massage for just £10.00

Luxury Facial Massage £20.00

The W.O.Y Facial for £25.00 SAVE £5.00

Soothing Smoothing Foot Scrub £5.00

Hydrating anti ageing Hand Mask £5.00

Please call for more information or to book a treatment. Contact me

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